Privacy Policy

At Dr. Can Ergin’s Clinic, your confidentiality is very important. We know that your health is very personal and protecting your personal and medical information is crucial to us. Therefore be convinced of that, we will not share your personal or medical information with anyone without your clear consent.

We gather and reserve essential personal and medical information mandatory for providing you with the highest standard of healthcare. The type of data collected and stored at our clinic include:

  • Name, Surname
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Medical History (disease, medication etc.)
  • Diet, smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Laboratory Findings
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Details
  • Surgery Details
  • Pre-op & post-op photos

We believe that a complete and accurate medical record is of primary importance to providing personalized and effective treatment to our patients. Your contact details will only be used for communication purposes and to make appointments. Please be confident that this information will only be used for your healthcare issues and will not be shared with third parties.

Only authorized personnel directly involved in your healthcare can access your data. This includes our dedicated medical staff such as doctors and nurses, who need access to provide you with the best care possible. Our patient coordinators also need access to be able to provide you with comprehensive care. The staff at Dr. Can Ergin’s clinic strictly adheres to confidentiality agreements and ethical obligations to protect your privacy. These legal contractual agreements prohibit sharing your data without your clear consent. We take every precaution to ensure that your data remains confidential and private, while adhering to the highest standards of medical ethics.

We understand that your preferences may change and that your privacy is one of our top priorities. You therefore always have the right to revoke your consent to the use and internal transfer of your data at any time. If you would like to withdraw your consent, please contact us. We will promptly comply with your requests and cease all data-related activities. We respect and support your decisions every step of the way.


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